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CORPINNAT values are the main capital of our collective brand and always have the people as a reference.



The wineries producing Clàssic Penedès and CORPINNAT have closed the first phase of conversations for the creation of a future Designation of Origin of Penedès sparkling wines without having reached a definitive agreement. Both sides highly value this period of dialogue, as agreements have been reached on some issues, although differences have been reached on others. After the last meeting held on March 11, the two parties have decided to continue working internally from each group on the points of disagreement without being conditioned on an immediate schedule.

Both the objective and the desire to promote a new DO of Penedès sparkling wines whose main values ​​are the defense of the territory and the quality of the product remain intact on both sides. These ten months of talks have served to approximate positions and reach important agreements for the future DO, but after this period of contacts we have come to the conclusion that the points of discrepancy must be matured internally.

Both the developers of Clàssic Penedès and those of CORPINNAT want to express our commitment to dialogue with any group for the good of the whole sector and the territory.

Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, March 17, 2020

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The ten wineries that make up the EU collective brand today CORPINNAT -Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca, Torelló, Huguet-Can Feixes, Júlia Bernet, Mas Candí and Can Descregut- have participated together in the first edition of the Barcelona Wine Week-BWW held at Fira de Barcelona on 3, 4 and 5 February. The CORPINNAT space shared by all the wineries was in Hall 8 of the fair, between E and F. Streets. During the three days of the exhibition, the CORPINNAT space was one of the busiest in the fair. Dozens of professionals from the wine sector (distributors, importers, restaurateurs, prescribers, journalists, etc ...) approached the stands of CORPINNAT to know in more detail the values ​​of our brand and to taste our quality sparkling wines. The official committee that inaugurated the fair on Monday, headed by the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Jordà, and the President of the Barcelona Wine Week, Javier Pagés, also visited the CORPINNAT space and were received by the owners of the ten adhered cellars, with whom they shared a drink and made a toast.

The first edition of Barcelona Wine Week has brought together more than 500 wineries representing all designations of origin. According to official data of the organizers, the sample has attracted more than 15,000 visitors and CORPINNAT has had the opportunity to participate in it as an EU collective brand, which makes us very proud. We look forward to seeing you in the next edition, which may be next year. We sure will be there and hope to be more. Thanks to everyone who has visited us and, above all, to all the teams in the ten wineries that have made it possible.

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Can Descregut, from Vilobí del Penedès, is formally a new member of the CORPINNAT collective brand from today after passing the obligatory audits. With this addition, the collective brand already has ten wineries in the Penedès that produce great sparkling wines under strict commitments of rigor and quality (100% organic grapes, manual harvesting, full winemaking on the property, etc.). The brand, born in April 2018, is integrated today by Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca, Torelló, Huguet-Can Feixes, tJúlia Bernet, Mas Candí and, from today, Can Descregut. The assembly of members of the Association of Viticulturists and Elaborators CORPINNAT-AVEC, the trademark holder, approved the entrance of Can Descregut on Monday, and the winery in Vilobí has ​​registered today its removal from the DO Cava Regulatory Council.

A small family-owned winery

Can Descregut is a small family-owned winery founded in 1992 in Vilobí del Penedès that made base wine for cava until in 2005, its owners, Arantxa de Cara (oenologist) and Marc Milà, decided to make the wines with their own trademark, which is named after the Masia de Can Descregut where the winery is located. with a production of 60,000 bottles a year (30,000 of calm wine and 30,000 of sparkling wines) Can Descregut has an area of ​​25 hectares of vineyards located between Vilobí and Font-rubí, where old vines with the Xarel·lo variety predominate, red Xarello, Macabeo, Parellada and Sumoll. In fact, the winery was a pioneer in the recovery of a historical variety such as the Xarel·lo red. All the winery's production is 100% organic certified and the calm wines are also made using the techniques of biodynamic agriculture. Both its calm and sparkling wines meet criteria of minimum intervention (yeasts of the vineyard, light filtration, low doses of sulfites ...) "seeking to express the character of the Vilobí soils that they provide minerality due to the rich presence of gypsum" , says Arantxa de Cara.

Two sparkling wines on the market

Can Descregut has two sparkling wines on the market today that are CORPINNAT: Descregut Reserva 2017 and Memòria 2012, a long aging of over 70 months. It also produces a variety of calm wines with the Xarel·lo, Red Xarello, Macabeo, Sumoll and Merlot varieties. Marc Milà points out that the decision to enter CORPINNAT responds to the desire to value the effort of the winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottle, vinifying 100% of the wines on the property.

CORPINNAT is a collective trademark registered in the European Union at the end of 2018 that is open to all those wineries that produce sparkling wine that are within the territorial boundaries established by the brand. CORPINNAT territory comprises a geographical area that brings together 46 municipalities - all of the Alt Penedès, and some of the Baix Penedès, Alt Camp, Anoia and Baix Llobregat - where, for geographical, geological, climatic and social reasons , native varieties have always been grown for the production of sparkling wines.