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CORPINNAT presents a virtual video to explain the characteristics of the territory and the values of the brand

CORPINNAT presents a virtual video made with 3D technology that describes in less than five minutes the territorial limits, the geographical, geological and climatic characteristics of the area and the main values ​​of the brand. The video has been made with the collaboration of the company Guardian of wine, by Carlos Águila from the combination of five computer programs that allow to digitize the image in three dimensions and offer a realistic image of the whole territory in sight of bird.

In this way, the video allows the viewer to take a virtual walk along the entire CORPINNAT boundary, as well as learn about the varieties grown by the ten wineries that adhere to the brand and the rich and varied geological typology of the different vineyards.

The video, which was made in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English), also includes the climatic characteristics (average temperature, rainfall or wind depending on the terrain) that make the region a unique place for the CORPINNAT 'elaboration of great sparkling wines. The video has been uploaded to the CORPINNAT website ( and shorter pills have also been extracted to be disseminated throughout the summer through the profiles of the brand's social networks, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.