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Success of the presentation of CORPINNAT in Logroño before the best Master of Wine in the world

The presentation of CORPINNAT this Thursday June 14 in Logroño in the framework of the 9th symposium of the Master of Wine Institute has been a success. The novelty that represents a collective mark of the EU that aims to sigularitzar great sparkling wines that are made in the heart of the Penedès together with the fact that they have driven six consolidated companies of the sector of the cava that beyond being competition in the market have joined forces to cooperate in a common project, open and inclusive, have been the two factors that have interested the most at the symposium, which has been held in the city of Logroño.

CORPINNAT has taken part in the products fair with its own stand where representatives of the six bodegas driving the brand (Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté and Coca and Torelló) were present and where they could taste products from each winery. The two co-presidents of the Associació de Viticultors i Elaboradors CORPINNAT (AVEC), Xavier Gramona and Ton Mata, took part in the gala dinner that hosted the symposium during which they had the opportunity to explain in public what is and what objectives pursues our brand collective From here, we want to thank the organizers for their invitation and we celebrate that today CORPINNAT is already a well-known brand all over the world.