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The nine wineries that make up the CORPINNAT collective brand participated this Wednesday at the Spanish Wine Forum, organized by MW Smulders and held at the premises of Gramona, in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. This forum consists of a series of masterclasses that talk about the idiosyncrasy of some of the most relevant DOs throughout the peninsula. The session where the CORPINNATwineries have participated has focused on speaking of the Penedès and the participants have had the opportunity to visit, in groups, the facilities of our wineries, taste our products and know the main values and processes of elaboration that define CORPINNAT. Thank you very much to all the participants and to Gramona to welcome us.

Sant Sadurn d'Anoia, January 30 2019.-The collective brand name of the European Union CORPINNAT of Quality Sparkling Wines will be launched on the market this next spring with the selling of the first bottles, which include on the label the seal of the brand which groups nine wineries from the Penedès: Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca, Torelló, Huguet-Can Freixes, Júlia Bernat and Mas Candí. 

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The presentation of CORPINNAT this Thursday June 14 in Logroño in the framework of the 9th symposium of the Master of Wine Institute has been a success. The novelty that represents a collective mark of the EU that aims to sigularitzar great sparkling wines that are made in the heart of the Penedès together with the fact that they have driven six consolidated companies of the sector of the cava that beyond being competition in the market have joined forces to cooperate in a common project, open and inclusive, have been the two factors that have interested the most at the symposium, which has been held in the city of Logroño.

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Sant Sadurní d’Anoia 10th April 2018. The first bottles with the CORPINNAT brand of guarantee will be launched on the first of October. This new project promoted by the  Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo,  Sabaté i Coca and Torelló wineries, was established with the purpose of adding prestige to the sparkling wines made in the heart of the Penedès region.  This new guarantee brand is open to all wineries that make sparkling wine within the CORPINNAT  territorial delimitation and which comply with the strict commitments established by the rules of regulation: manual harvest, organic certified grapes, use of historic varieties – placing special emphasis on autochthonous ones-, integral vinification on the premises of the winery, ageing longer than 18 months, a minimum guaranteed price to the viticulturist with a gradual increase and an undertaking to thoroughness and self-commitment. 

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