CORPINNAT awards the posthumous title of Honorary President to Xavier Gramona Sande

  • The General Meeting of AVEC unanimously approves awarding this title in recognition of his commitment and loyalty to the brand for which he was one of the founding members and first president of the collective brand.
  • The current President of CORPINNAT, Ton Mata, stated that the implementation of the Llei Catalana del Vi {Catalan Wine Law} is an opportunity for separating all the wineries of Cataluña according to their production model, based on the vertical integration of the companies, by the total of their business names.
  • The second edition of Harvest Evenings saw more than 150 people at the supper cocktail and tasting of more than thirty corpinnats at the Llopart winery.


Subirats, September 28, 2023.- The General Meeting of the Associació de Viticultors I Elaboradors CORPINNAT – AVEC [Association of Wine Growers and Producers CORPINNAT – AVEC] with the unanimous approval of all its members posthumously awarded the title of Honorary President of the brand to Xavier Gramona, who passed away this summer. With this gesture, the CORPINNAT collective, intends to recognise the task, the commitment and loyalty of one of the founding members of the brand, and its first president. His love for the farmers and the land which he always defended with great conviction and strength are today the principal pillars on which our organisation stands and the greatest legacy he has left us. If CORPINNAT today is a reality it is to a greater degree thanks to the contributions and personal commitment he dedicated to it.

The granting of this distinction occurred during the holding of the second CORPINNAT Harvest Evening which gathered more than 150 people at the Llopart Winery, where this event was held this year. The President of CORPINNAT, Ton Mata, who led the homage to Xavier Gramona, in conjunction with all the other producers that make up the brand, presented to the son of the deceased and current member of Board of Directors of CORPINNAT representing the Gramona Family, Leonard Gramona, a piece of ceramic art, the original work of María José Torres, an artist from Sant Sadurní, that represents the two souls of Xavier Gramona, his more earthly one linked to the land and the farmers, and his more spiritual and rebellious one. Leonard Gramona thanked the CORPINNAT collective and in the name of the Gramona Family, reiterated their commitment and loyalty to the project. The event was attended by a very wide representation of the Gramona Family, headed by the president and oenologist of the winery, Jaume Gramona, cousin of Xavier Gramona.

Prior to this, the President of CORPINNAT, Ton Mata, spoke to those attending and emphasised the consolidation of the collective brand both in the local and export markets, and on the perception of end consumers relative to the corpinnats as quality sparkling wines with a specific origin with one of the strictest regulations in the world. Mata also referred to the reactivation by INCAVI of the Catalan Wine Law and asserted the fact that this law will open up the opportunity for regulating the sector and dividing all wineries in Catalunya according to their production model and by their specific business names. According to Mata, this is a debt owed to consumers in order to become stricter and more transparent.

CORPINNAT considers and proposes that all wine-producing and selling wineries should be categorised by business name, based on the qualification of their work system, both in the wine-growing and wine-producing categories, and both at the same time. Therefore, as pointed out by Ton Mata, “We feel that the best way to guarantee the majority of these objectives is by means of the splitting up according to production models, based on the vertical integration of the companies by the total of their business names”.

Based on the following prior qualification of the winery, by using a similar system to that used in France, which obviously must be printed on the label and used in the promotion of their wines, in an explicit manner or by means of an identifying logotype or else by acronyms which could be created by regulating their presence and format. These should be obligatory for all wine-producing companies in Catalunya, whether they are or are not included under a DO, DOQ, IG, MCUE. CORPINNAT proposes five category figures, always by business name and not by the products of the company.

100% winemaking on the property with a minimum of 95% of the grapes grown in wholly-owned vines, the remaining 5% must be from the same area or DO (whichever the case) with long-term purchase contracts which respect the minimum cost of grapes from third parties.
Totally prohibited is the receipt of wines that are produced by others (wineries, wholesalers, cooperatives) for production or bottling.
Must is only allowed for tirage and dosage in the case of sparkling wines and quality sparkling wines.

100% winemaking on the property by the total of the business name, with grapes from wholly owned vines or third-party producers by proximity or DO (whichever the case) with long-term purchase contracts which respect the minimum cost of grapes from third parties.
Totally prohibited is the receipt of wines that are produced by others (wineries, wholesalers, cooperatives) for production or bottling.
Must is only allowed for tirage and dosage in the case of sparkling wines and quality sparkling wines.

This is a company that buys wine wholesale and bottles it either as sparkling or still wines, even though within a percentage that follows the ground rules of their DO (should this be the case).

A company that labels under third-party brands, be these individual companies or distributors. Even though only under a percentage.

Cooperative wines produced at the cooperative both for its own sale or as brands belonging to its associates.

CORPINNAT also revindicates the right to be able to use the name of the municipality where the vineyards or wineries are located.

Ton Mata concluded by offering to discuss both with the Government and with the wine growing sector in order to construct and build together, without exceptions, a strict legal and transparent framework guaranteeing all this to the final consumer, which would also prioritise both quality and the terroir above all else.




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