The word comprises two concepts: COR, the cradle where, more than 130 years ago, the very first sparkling wines in Spain were made and PINNAT which stems from the etymological root Pinnae which refers to the origin of the word Penedés, documented in the 10th Century as Penetense. This Latin adjective is derived from pinna, which means crag or rock and which applied to the Penedés is equivalent to rocky soil.
All sparkling wines that are sold in the market with this seal of excellence contain the brands COPINNAT located in a central position on their front label in order for consumers to identify the product easily.


What are the boundaries of the CORPINAT guarantee brand?

In order to determine the boundaries of the CORPINAT guarantee brand a working method has been set up based on several factors and (territorial elements) from which the necessary relations have been established which enables the determination of how the area object of the study must be defined.
You can see a map at TERRITORY .

Who forms a part of CORPINNAT?

The Collective European Brand CORPINNAT has been registered in the European Union since November 2017 and is owned by the Associació de Viticultors i Elaboradors (Wine Growers and Producers Association CORPINNAT (AVEC) registered at the Department of Justice of Catalonia since August 2017.

You will find a list of the participating wineries under the heading WHO WE ARE

What are the main undertakings of CORPINNAT?

CORPINNAT is a Collective Brand of the European Union founded with the desire of distinguishing the great sparkling wines produced in the heart of the Penedés, from 100% ecological grapes harvested by hand and integrally vinified on the premises.


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