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L'Associació d'Elaboradors i Viticultors Corpinnat (AVEC) [The Association of Wine Producers and Growers Corpinnat (AVEC), registered at the Department of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia on the 1st of September, 2017 was formed by the six wineries which founded the CORPINNAT Brand.
The governing bodies are:
1) The Annual General Meeting of Directors of AVEC as the maximum governing body of the Association, where each winery holds one vote, independently of the number of bottles sold.
2) The Board of Directors with seven members, which today has one representative from each winery, with one vacancy
3) The Presidency of AVEC is currently jointly and severally held by Xavier Gramona and Ton Mata.
The Board of Directors and the Presidency shall be renewed at the end of their mandates pursuant to the By-Laws of the Association.
The collective brand CORPINNAT, which is the property of AVEC, is registered in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (EUIPO) and at the World Organisation for Intellectual Property (OMPI).


Carrer Indústria, 36
08770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia- Barcelona
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 +34 938910113

Craftsmen of time

Gramona has been working their land uninterruptedly since the middle of the XIX Century. A family with a strong viticultural tradition, located in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia, which for many years has produced wines and cavas with respect and passion for the land, and with its own seal of quality.
Today, the fifth generation of the family has perfected the ability of transforming their wines into great sparkling wines maintaining traditional processes: natural cork stoppers during the ageing process, traditional racks for settling and manual disgorgement. They are faithful to a sustainable philosophy and respectful of the surroundings, and for this reason they apply bio-dynamic agriculture and vinification in the cultivation of their vines and in the production of their wines and cavas .


Ctra. de Sant Sadurni a Ordal, Km.4
Els Casots
08739 Subirats-Barcelona
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Tel +34 938993125

Life stems from the vine

The winegrowing tradition of the Llopart family has been rooted in the family Estate in Subirats since the XIV Century. Their 95 hectares of ecologically cultivated mountain vineyards are located on shady slopes on the highest areas of the Penedés. Llopart have been producing quality sparkling wines for more than 130 years, strongly defending the traditional method and craftsmanship of the wine, with respect for sustainability and always seeking the authenticity of lengthy ageing.


Finca Nadal de la Boadella, s/n
08733 El Pla del Penedès, Barcelona
Telèfon: 938 98 80 11

Cavas and noble white wines

The Nadal family has been dedicated, since 1510, to the cultivation of grapes and the production of wines on the Nadal de la Boadella Estate. During the years of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), the Nadal vineyard had been expropriated so as to construct a Republican aerodame, but when it was regained by the family after the war, Ramon Nadal Giró decided to abandon the production of wine spirit, to open the way for the creation of sparkling wines with native varieties grown on the estate. It was in 1943 that the first bottle of Nadal Brut came into being.


Carrer Tamarit, 10
08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona
Telèfon: 938 91 02 14

We learn from time… We build on a history

Recaredo is a family of biodynamic winegrowers specialized Millésime Brut Nature Long-Aged Sparkling Wines. They are committed to capturing the landscapes of CORPINNAT in a bottle. That’s what drives them to cultivate family-owned vineyards planted with 100% autochthonous varieties, specially Xarel·lo grapes. Recaredo’s Sparkling Wines have forged a truly unique style defined by long-ageing –from a minimum of 30 months to over 15 years in the darkness of their cellars. All Recaredo’s sparkling wines, without exception, are aged with natural cork stoppers, which are technically ideal for preserving the original character of a long-aged wine. At Recaredo, disgorgement is still done by true artisans, who expel the lees manually at the naturally cool temperature of the cellars.

Sabaté i Coca

Ctra. Vilafranca, kom 0,1
08770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia-Barcelona
+34 938914055

Consciousness of the land

The fourth generation of the Sabaté i Coca family cares for, works and pay homage to an estate located in the valley of the River Bitlles covering 40 hectares. The will to become aware of the different soils of the estate made Marcel Sabaté a differential viticulture according to the 18 profiles that have been discovered of the soil.
The Castellroig range of wines expresses the harmony and complexity of the more than 60 micro-plots that make up this estate. These singular soils, which give the wines a vibrant typical varietal and that express the mineral content of the vineyard, are vinified separately. Named singular wines are: Terroja, Josep Coca and the qualified plot “Cava de paratge qualificat” Terroja of Sabaté and Coca ( a vineyard with Xarel-lo vines of more than 100 years).


Finca Can Martí. Ctra Sant Sadurní a Gelida, km.13,4
08790 Gelida- Barcelona
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+34 938910793

Winegrowers since 1395. Sparkling wine since 1951

The Torelló wines and sparklings originate from the vineyards of the Can Martí estate that have belonged to the Torelló family since 1395 and which occuppy 135 hectares in l'Alt Penedés (The Upper Penedés region). Own vineyards, organic farming, manual harvesting, vinified on the property and long ageing define the Torelló sparkling wines. We only produce long aged quality sparkling wines, DO Penedés wines and extra virgin olive oil.

Associació de Viticultors i Elaboradors CORPINNAT

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